Hampi - Demolitions Continue - June 2017

June 2017
The JCB's with government officers and police came to Sanapur and destroyed every single guest house - Woodstock (14 rooms) Gowri (18 rooms) Waterfalls (12 rooms) and Rock and Chill the restaurant.
In Hanumanalli they destroyed every guest house including the great place for climbers Baba cafe and Hanuman guest house run by our old friend Wenket. Even his family home in the middle of the compound where his father Ramswami lived peacefully all the years.
 In Jungli village all of the places in the middle of the village including the popular White Elephant and the ten rooms are gone.

 This is devastating for the people who slowly built these places up investing most of the profits from the high season into developing and improving for the coming year. It's also a sad shock for all the people who enjoyed staying in those places in the last ten or fifteen years and became friends with the owners and staff. It means that outside of Hampi island there are no small guest houses left. The big places on Hampi island itself are still standing but are existing on temporary 'stay orders' until a decision is made by the high court in Delhi.

  Wenkets beautiful family house is in ruins
The restaurant on the river side
This sent a shiver of sadness and memories through me and is all that remains of the wonderful and famous Baba cafe. Ouch.

The superb restaurant of Woodstock69 in Sanapur looks like this just now. The work of criminals.

Rock and Chill on the way to the lake.

Rock and Chill, such a waste.

Rambo (Jambavan) guest house and restaurant

Gowri guest house and restaurant.

The places you see lying in rubble and ruin were almost all of the best smaller scale guest houses and restaurants in the whole area. Especially for the people who wanted to stay away from the big commercial area of Hampi Island itself. The place is changed forever now with these terrible and unforgivable actions.
 If you were planning a trip and intending to stay in any of these places you will have to think again.

Hollow rock area - Info

Why go there?
When you look out from Paraport, the Catcave or the Eagle rock ridge you can't help your eyes stopping and staring at this hill. It looks full of potential so begs to be checked. After traversing all the plateaus on the ridge a few times on walks back and forth from Paraport I noticed a huge amount of boulders on multi tiered plateaus, some with quality problems, some with too much vegetation around the base and some with loose flakes...just like always. Like almost all the areas I choose to concentrate my efforts on it was one super special problem which got me psyched enough to go and stay there. Then the ball was rolling. It didn't stop for 2 or 3 years.
 People who make the effort (30 minutes walk from the canal) will find an excellent area. It's full of crimpy classics and the high aspect on the plateau make it feel special. You can walk around a lot in these hills looking for these special areas but to find such a strong concentration of quality problems in one place is always a challenge.
 If you stay for a while you may notice grunting growling sounds just behind the hollow rock cave.    That's the sloth bears which are almost always living in the big hill right next to you. If one actually comes to the cave it must like your lovely smell and energy vibrations but don't panic even if it's pushing you with it's nose in your back as you try and sleep. They don't steal human food preferring to eat natural berries, termites and ants.
 If you stay a while try not to leave without doing some new problems. Add some more quality climbing to the area, give names and make topos/maps. Then send on the info, jungliatpil@yahoo.com

LINK - Hollow rock approach and topo

Lefthand CAVE ROUTE  - long steep problem.

Falling awake - After pleasant crimp pulling on the steep bit the most nails crimpy mantle onto the slab is the crux. 7b

Paraport pinnacles on the hill behind

For the buzz 7a+ R-L Long traverse leaves fingertips buzzing and brain also!

 The first two moves of  'The growler' 7c are the most powerful and crux of the problem

The second 'easy crux' of  The Growler

The Hollow rock groove (above) has the Free Kishkinda powerful 7c traverse from the right along the break into this 7a groove

Super little alcove problem 6c  Above and L of Captain crimp.

Seemed to be checking I was still alive in the morning at hollow rock cave, cheers bro.
This is like heaven just going to get some water.

Sick man is nasty from sitting 7b standing 6b

The excellent crimpy classic on the backside of the cave boulder. Feel's so good.

'Slave of sensation' 7b+

Yes Karnataka rocks can be crimpy. 

left, Waterways - superb boulder and sleeping place with 5 good problems possible.(3 done 2 projects) 6c - 7c Not hollow rock itself but just across the valley towards Tamba.

You'll watch this boulder every time on the way with a classic traverse.
 The perfect wave 7a

Not too far to the top, one move but classic.        Slow motion 7a+ superb

So many types of fantastic looking owls  around the rocks.

The S groove is at the start of the next higher plateau from hollow rock, well worth seeking out. 

The 7a+ left version of the S groove*** R on
 the groove itself is6c

 Paint a Rainbow 7b+ 

Superb rainbow crossover move from the thin crimpy flake.

 One of the great 7b+ problems around here. 
It's The Turning point 

Waterway Superboulder linkup

6c+ from standing or this link from sitting on right at 7c both ***

Contorting across the Yoga Traverse 7a+