Bouldering in the Himalayas. Chattru, Chotadara etc.

Bouldering in Chandra valley, India Himalayas.

Anybody who's into bouldering and travelling or lives in North India shouldn't miss this place. Its got mostly roadside areas if you don't like hiking or wild areas if you want to be in quiet peaceful places.

Question of friction 7c superb problem near the river at Chotadara

Funky eye sloping ramp is a must do must stick to line so compelling 7c in Shakshom area

The sitstart with steep arete is an absolute beauty. It was done done on the day of the earthquake Angry planet 7b+

One of the classics at the diamonds and do-able in the rain is Soul Diamond 7b

The Howling void 7b+
 goofacity area Chotadara

 Chotadara, very crimpy and fun Ice goofa sitstart 7c

It's one of those blocs that you're happy about with 3 quality problems.

  Quality granite on Half tank 7a

 It's a helicopter fall when you miss the sloper on Mister twister 7a+, but hopefully not your ankle.

  It's November 4th so very cold at Chota Shigari but I had the ashwaganda, silagit combination in one                                                Heat pill 7b

 Hari from Berlin will test his mental skills on Psychic soluition 7b

The classic 6b psychic groove on the psychedelic warm up boulder

One of my favourite of the short power problems at Kyara Sampa start 7b

 It's the place where you arrive on foot to the start of Chota dara boulders and you might feel like you are  Strolling into heaven 7c+ 

Shepherds can dance cross footed also. Shepherd shuffle 8a 

 There are beautiful slopey crimps on this boulder. We gasp for oxygen and hear Freedom music 7a+ after the traverse in from the right.

 We know we are high, while we Walk in the sky

Best quality granite please and no cleaning on some boulders just a quick tooth brush.

 I'll have your finest quality please, yes sir are you lost? I am indeed Lost at last 7c

  What fine substance shall you be partaking of?  Ice cream man 7c
 Where will you go today ? For a Walk in the sky 7b

A beautiful 6b problem in the storming heaven area, Chotadara

   November 4th means cold cold so good good friction.

There are strange life forms in caves at 4000 meters. 

 This cave on TOP LEVEL at CHOTA SHIGRI is a great place to be. Even if it snows!

                               4000 m and looks straight down over Chota dara beneath

7a Sitstart then slopey layback to the jump to the top

Superslate boulder at the Diamonds towards the stream got missed from topo is good with this sitstart 7b going up and to arete. THE line (still not done) is to link this sitstart with the central line (below). That would be excellent and hard, tell me if you do it.

The central line is a 7a+ from standing,(above) with a so sloping fingerhold in that groove, arete to the left is a sitstart 7a (below) Wall to the left of arete has a good 6a on undercuts.

Walking on from hear you can't help but find the next little area with this excellent 7b sitstart (below) worth seeking out.

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